Tuesday, 22 May 2012


This sequence of fifteen images is staggering on both a logistical and conceptual level.

The engineers or project managers will wonder: exactly how many trips carrying bits of soil and clay in its beak did this nestmaker make? How far from the nest is the source of the building materials? How long did it all take?

As for the idea, the architect might think that, while it is unusual to see a bird conceive of building its home there, on a window ledge, the truth is we lack the information to know why that might have been. Surely it could have found a tree somewhere? Whatever. While it’s genuinely impressive for the creature to have constructed this circular structure there, the churl might argue that the wee beastie has merely spun the basic bowl-shaped nest ‘blueprint’ through ninety degrees. OK, fair enough. But what about the whole carapace it then adds on – pretty much a cave – in order to protect the eggs from the elements. Was this an afterthought – improvised, as it were?

Anyway, all in all it is mightily impressive (assuming that those double-glazed windows behind aren’t part of a house that’s occupied. Even if it is, the workmanship doesn’t look quite as spectacular). What with their birdsong as well, they’re impressive little blighters…

Pretty incredible, eh?

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