Wednesday, 26 September 2012


The traffic stats on this ere (slightly neglected) blog ought to tell you that Im not a great threat – not yet, anyway – to eBay, Amazon or Wikpedia, so theres no real need for me to conceive of posts that pad out the stats for hits or unique users or whatever currency people who need to know that kind of thing (me, once upon a time, although I didnt, so blagged it) trade in these days.

Anyway, I, as a writer – in the Borgesian sense: someone who measured other men’s virtues by what they had accomplished; yet he asked that other men measure him by what he planned someday to do” – prefer a wee bit of text during my browsing. (Apart from those sites, maybe. And those.) However, Im not entirely averse to fairly gratuitous (if not stat-boosting) selections of images, and have a few mates who reckon Id be better off sticking to that sort of thing wholesale. 

So heres a collection of well-timed photos that might release some low-level dopamine explosions in your noggin. 

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